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Make a faultless Webinar with our Screencast option. Record your live webinars at a time that is suitable for you to be used later in your own Evergreen Webinars.

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Live webinars can be daunting. With our Screencast mode, you can use all the features available in live webinars but share it at a time that is suitable for you. No more pressure on delivering a flawless pitch.


Main features


Record Mode

Record your Live Webinar to be used for future events.


Increase the effectiveness of your Webinar with the mode switching option. Share anything that will add variety and interest to your event.

Picture in picture

If you want to fully present the content you are sharing, our Picture in Picture mode allows you to still be on screen while your attendees can view another powerpoint or document.


The whiteboard will take your recording to another level. Add visuals to go along with your presentation to make the webinar feel more interactive.

Privacy Settings

Protect your recordings with a secret password setup by you. Only those you give the password to will be able to access your Webinar.


Share the recording using the Vidthere quick URL or any other social media channels you require.

Download Video

Once you are happy with your Webinar, you can use it immediately in your Evergreen webinars or download it to your device to share how you wish.


Fastest Way to record a perfect Webinar


    Record your webinar


    Download to your device or share immediately with your attendees


    Add to an Evergreen Webinar and schedule at a suitable time

HQ Videos

Record your webinar in High Definition

Multiple Modes

Whiteboard, Camera, Screenshare


Add to Evergreen, Download or connect to your social networks


Stay safe with our security protocol. We take care of your privacy and protect your meetings.

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