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Live webinars are hands down the best way to get new customers. Drive them to a webinar page, resent and close. Nothing is better than a webinar to get people to buy, at scale.

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Main features


No Downloads

Avoid the hassle of downloading software and provide a seamless experience for your attendees. Easy-to-use tool which requires no technical skills or prior knowledge.

Hybrid webinar

Include pre-recorded video clips in your live presentation and play them at any point during your live event.

Picture in picture

Share your presentation but also keep your camera on and let people see your zest for the event

Multiple presenters

Allow other people to show their bright smile sharing the presenting screen with you

Unlimited storage and attendees

Vidthere webinar platform comes with no limitations and allows you to maximise your results. Invite as many people as you like to view your webinar and keep recordings of every webinar you have organised.

Call to Action buttons

Engage your attendees with trigger buttons that can be displayed whenever you need them.


Fastest way to create a webinar


    Create the event - generate a link


    Share it by sending it to your contacts


    Join the event

Recorded Webinars

Vidthere meetings are recorded for your future use and ease of reference.


Add contacts to your contact list. Connect with them and invite them easily.


Connect your preferable autoresponder and enjoy the automations.

Play your presentation or pre-recorded videos



Stay safe with our security protocol. We take care of your privacy and protect your meetings.

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Increase effectiveness with Video Meetings, generate leads and increase sales with Live and Evergreen Webinars. All-in-one software that will help you maximise your results.

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