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Vidthere Evergreen Webinars

Run powerful webinars that engage at a time that suits you. Our Evergreen webinars let you marry the power of live webinars with the convenience of pre-recording.

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Main features


Simulated chat

Engage your audience in automated events. Upload chat transcripts and automate them to run during your evergreen event.

On Demand events

Adjust to busy schedules and let your attendees watch your evergreen webinar on demand.

Recurring events

Your recorded events can run over and over again. Record, schedule and repeat.

Branding emails

Increase the value of your presentations and make it about you. Brand your emails and increase the trust and engagement of your audience.

Unlimited video storage

No storage limits on your recorded events. Upload videos or use existing recordings with no storage limits, cool isn’t it?

Full Statistics

With Vidthere you can have a full and detailed view into the post event statistics. Analyze the data for any event and make your events more efficient


All Devices in HD with 100% Browser compatibility.

No download, no signups, no limits. Your attendees can join your events from any device, from everywhere and in everytime, all it takes is a single click.

On-Demand Webinars

Your attendees can join the webinar when they are ready. They can even watch replay and join-in progress in ongoing webinars.

Fastest way to create Evergreen Webinar


    Create the event - Choose a pre-recorded video or upload a video from your device


    Scheduling - Choose a one time only or a recurring event with a start and end date suitable for you


    Sharing - Invite attendees by email or share using your short URL. You decide when your webinar is viewable.

Customisable event screen

Add value to your events by branding your event screen. Build a relationship with your attendees and brand using Vidthere.

CTA buttons

Boost the efficiency of your recorded webinars. Create buttons and trigger actions from your attendees.

Powerful chat

Our enhanced chat will help you manage audience engagement. Full chat transcripts available for future reference.

Customizable landing page

Brand your invitations with our 100% customizable registration page. Add your logo, welcome and thank you videos.



Stay safe with our security protocol. We take care of your privacy and protect your meetings.

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